Local Microsoft Phone Scam
The Belgrade Police Department has received numerous complaints from residents reporting a possible phone scam involving a person claiming to be a representative of Microsoft.
I Can Get All Of Your Information –
With a new year upon us, take a minute to check your online information visibility at I've removed myself before and what do ya know...had to do it again. Everyday there's ANOTHER website with our personal information posted for all to see that YOU didn't put there.
Supposedly Your iPhone 5 is Bendable [PHOTO]
I was browsing my Google+ news feed and a post came up with a warning reading:
I don't own an iPhone 5 but I immediately became interested in this strange disclaimer.
More Changes To Facebook Privacy Rules With Instagram
Perhaps you've seen the lengthy disclaimers that some Facebook users have been posting recently (in vain) to avoid Facebook being able to use their information and photos. Well, here's the real lowdown on changes Facebook will be making.
Kids Don’t Want Video Games Anymore, They Want iPads
A report conducted by nielsen shows kids from the age of 6-12 overwhelmingly want an iPad for their next gift. With a retail pride of $399, I would imagine not many of them will be getting it this holiday season. If the price is too steep there are many other options...

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