Seinfeld Super Bowl Commercial in the Works? [VIDEO]
The rumor mill has picked up some big news about a 2014 Super Bowl commercial that will reunite the Seinfeld cast at their classic Tom's Restaurant. Is the rumor true? Watch a video of what looks a lot like a commercial shoot right here.
Lego Simpons Are on the Way!
There is something about Legos that make familiar characters come to life in another way. They have made Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, Video Games and now The Simpsons!
Michelle Has A Secret Crush On A CNBC Guest Analyst [VIDEO]
Our office seems to be in agreement that "we've all got one"...a secret crush, that is. However, nobody seemed too impressed that mine was on a guy named Hunter Keay, who is apparently an airline industry analyst for a company (ironically) called Wolfe Trahan Securities. There…

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