Lego Simpons Are on the Way!
There is something about Legos that make familiar characters come to life in another way. They have made Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, Video Games and now The Simpsons!
Michelle Has A Secret Crush On A CNBC Guest Analyst [VIDEO]
Our office seems to be in agreement that "we've all got one"...a secret crush, that is. However, nobody seemed too impressed that mine was on a guy named Hunter Keay, who is apparently an airline industry analyst for a company (ironically) called Wolfe Trahan Securities. There…
The Ladies of ‘SNL’ Say “Let’s Do It on My Twin Bed”
It's a situation that virtually every couple with a healthy, long term relationship has faced. You and your loved one go home to visit the family and find yourself forced to sleep in your childhood room, most likely on the tiny twin bed that was barely tolerable when you were half your current size.…
New Coke Ad Captures The ‘Joy’ Of Becoming A Parent [VIDEO]
I just love this Argentine Coca Cola ad, as it captures the sleeplessness, destruction, and chaos bestowed upon your life in the early years of parenting. Any parent whose child has moved past the infant stage can appreciate this for all that it is. I just wish I saw this commercial prior to having …

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