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Recycle Your Christmas Tree In Bozeman
If you still need to get rid of your Christmas tree, the city of Bozeman wants it! Rather than tossing your tree out with the trash, city officials prefer you drop it off at one of four locations in town:
Museum of the Rockies: Winter Safe Haven for Toddlers
Figuring out fun ways to entertain and exhaust a 20-month old in the winter can be a little tricky. When fresh snow falls it's pretty easy, but so far this winter we're still waiting on some consistency there. The best investment my wife and I have made this year was definitely a one-year …
Do You Buy Yourself A Christmas Present?
Hell yeah. Why? Because I have only one family member. As an only child, it doesn't fly with me that I get only one gift (if that) each year. Dad isn't really the gift giving type to begin with, and a holiday like Christmas has lost it's meaning entirely in his opinion.
17th Annual Bozeman Ice Festival Is On [VIDEO]
This year's Bozeman Ice Festival, dedicated to promoting and protecting the world-class ice climbing in Hyalite Canyon, has officially kicked off! The event draws professional athletes and participants from all over the world for an array of clinics, gear demos, inspiring slide shows and evening ent…

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