Bozeman Airport Time Lapse [VIDEO]
Gallatin Field is Bozeman's airport an has become quite a busy place. Residents already know this, but if you're about to visit Bozeman...this is what it looks like!
Spying On Bozeman Tourists – Part 3
Another great video here of someone's trip to Bozeman. This one is cool because it includes SO much stuff (at the Crazy Mountain Ranch we think) AND a great soundtrack.
Georgia Might Make it Illegal to Drive Slowly in the Left Lane
Of all the things that are guaranteed to cause road rage, I think most of us would agree that someone doing 50 in the passing lane on the interstate has to be up there. I think the state legislature in Georgia is on to something. A bill was just passed that would make it a misdemeanor to stay in the…
Check Your Headlights, Man
Bozeman motorists are notorious for not fully preparing their cars in the morning for the commute during the winter. How many times have you seen the "one side of the windshield brush off" driving down the street?

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