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Woman Sued For Yelp Review, Forced to Make It Nicer
Jane Perez, of Fairfax, VA is being sued for $750,000 after writing a nasty Yelp review about the contracting company Dietz Development. In the review, which was also posted on Angie's List, Perez accuses the company of shoddy workmanship and stealing her jewelry.
Colorado Students Serve Classmates Pot Brownies as Prank
Just because it's legal to do it on your own time in Colorado, doesn't mean you can drug your whole class. Two University of Colorado students in Boulder thought it would be funny to bring pot brownies to a morning class to share. Then a bunch of people who ate them had freak-
outs. Suddenl…
Drunken Idiot Tries to Ride Crocodile, Fails
Getting cross-eyed drunk in in an unfamiliar place and then trying to find a suitable designated driver can be a painstaking task. No matter how tough it gets, though, you must always remember the golden rule: A man-eating crocodile will not drive you home.
See Through Bathrooms Now In America [VIDEO]
Sulpher Springs, Texas is the first city in America to have see through all-glass public bathrooms in their downtown area. Several cities in Europe have them but somehow America has resisted the uh, urge, to follow suit.

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