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Watch 10 Shocking Facts About McDonald’s
Every now and then, someone spouts a bunch of facts about a corporation or some other commercial entity that blows our minds. This video offers 10 shocking facts about McDonald's. We'd say take it with a grain of salt, but they already pre-salt their fries.
Watch a Girl at Oktoberfest Bite a Guy’s Lip Off [VIDEO]
Video taken from back in September has just surfaced of a girl biting a guy's lip off. Some Australian guy at this year's Oktoberfest in Germany got into a shoving match with a girl from Alaska. It ended with the girl going straight zombie on him (watch your beer intake gentlemen and women). The vid…
Giant Grasshopper Shot Near Miles City in 1937 – Is It Real? [PHOTO]
I scour the internet daily in the hopes of finding little gems like this. I stumbled upon a gallery titled "Interesting Historical Photos, Part 10" and the very first photos was supposedly taken in Montana around 1937. The photo is of a man holding a 3 foot long grasshopper in one …

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