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BlackBerry Outage Causing An Uproar In The U.S.
Attention all BlackBerry phone users: I might guess you aren't reading this on your BlackBerry! Why is that? Reports have spread of world wide BlackBerry outages. I myself am not on a BlackBerry but our very own Michelle Wolfe just texted me on hers which must mean Montana has not yet been affe…
New ‘Superbug’ Strain of Gonorrhea Resists Antibiotics
Gonorrhea, a bacterial sexually transmitted infection, used to be easily treated with antibiotics. But now, a "superbug" strain of the STD has been found in Japan and scientists fear it could become a global public health threat.
"Since antibiotics became the standard treatment for gon…
US Named Funniest Country; Germany Named Least Funny
Maybe we should work on exporting some knock-knock jokes.
The US has been named the funniest country in a survey of 30,000 people from 15 nations around the globe, while Germany - long known for its poor sense of humor - kept up the stereotype by finishing at the bottom.
My Only Rapture Was A Hangover Yesterday
I wasn't gonna go out on Saturday night but an 89-year-old evangelical preacher and radio host named Harold Camping predicted the RAPTURE would go down on Saturday (May 21st) and the world would come to an end, so I figured I should have a little fun just in case.

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