So I walk into the studio this morning after much fun was had last night at the first Music on Main of the season....My friend Erin Phillips immediately walks in giggling about "the dude across the street. You gotta go look at him". It's 5:45am, by the way.

Since, coincidentally it was Bring Your Buddy To Work Day here at The MOOSE, we sent Courtney armed with my Blackberry to check out the situation and verify that there was indeed "a dude across the street".

Bozeman Montana is a special place in the short-lived summer. Warm days and cool, calm nights make for exceptional outdoor snoozing. Clearly the "dude across the street" took full advantage of the perfect weather conditions last night.

To "the dude across the street" - Let Freedom ring this holiday weekend and we hope you feel better than you look. - Michelle, Erin and Courtney.