The list of people that I buy Christmas presents has shrinked significantly in the last few years. It's not like everybody disappeared, I went broke or anything but I've changed the way I think about presents. To be honest, giving someone a cool little gift on Groundhog's Day or a random Tuesday is just as good and often BETTER than Christmas.

I got my first Christmas present of 2010 in the mail from The MOOSE's voice guy. His name is Chris Rollins and I adore the dude. (Funny to think that the booming voice you hear on lots of pieces of MOOSE audio lives on the East Coast. Don't worry, the MOOSE jocks all live here.) Anyway, the point is this: getting a Chris Rollins mug filled with cookies and candy really did make my day. Not only was it a different mug than the ones he sent out last year but the cookies are home made by his wife. And they're AWESOME.

A mug certainly isn't the most personal gift in the world but it WAS the first gift I've received. I don't really expect too many this year (see first sentence of this blog) but I do expect to GIVE a few cool gifts to a few cool people. My friends have been wonderful to me this year and I want them to know that their gift has been their patience and friendship. I don't need a candle. Or a mug. Unless it's filled with home made cookies. -Michelle