Cloud Cult is one of my favorite bands. I began listening to Cloud Cult thanks to a friend who gave me one of their CD's about four years ago. It took me a while to give that CD a proper listen, but years later, here I am still soaking up their sound.

I was lucky enough to see Cloud Cult perform live at the Zebra Cocktail Lounge in 2010. The band didn't disapoint in the slightest. The concert was a CD release party for their album Light Chasers. Because it was a new album, I had not yet listened to much of the music they played. That did not hinder my experience at all that night. Being introduced to their new album in a live setting was actually a blessing. Now, anytime I listen to the tracks played that night, I am immediately brought back into that basement venue, surrounded by fellow Cloud Cult fans and standing three feet from the band. I love seeing bands in Bozeman because you know you're always in for an intimate show.

There was a painting done by Scott West during the performance. West travels with the band and paints during their live shows. I so wish I would have brought more cash to the show! There is something really cool about owning a painting in which I was present for every brush stroke and it was inspired by one of my favorite bands.

After the show, I chatted with each of the band members and they were more than willing to halt packing up their gear for a minute to share stories and sign my Cloud Cult CD case. They were really excited to hike the M and try to watch the sunrise the next morning.

Check out Cloud Cult's 'A Moment of Serenity' performance below and you too will become a fan.