Coldplay has been laying low and leaving us guessing lately. The band has taken a break from touring and has yet to announce a new album for 2014. So, their recent Tweet that "something new" would happen at midnight Ulaanbaatar (the capital of Mongolia) time was unexpected (and kinda bazaar). A new song and video for "Midnight" was released, which now leaves even more questions.

Coldplay fueled rumors of a split back in late 2012, when Chris Martin said the band would be taking a hiatus from touring (with no plans of a new album). He later clarified that by saying the reason for the break was to work on new material. The only new material thus far has been the release of "Atlas" for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack.

That is until we got this new, mysterious, eery track...complete with a somewhat eery video. The song, a definite variation from the piano-fueled, melodious Coldplay sound, was delivered with no context. The video is equally mysterious, complete with black-and-white photo-negative silhouettes of the band members, which make the whole thing appear to be viewed through the lens of a thermal imaging camera: