We were all sad to see Conan off NBC last year. What did he do while he was barred from being on tv? He went on a tour titled "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour" and made a documentary of the whole experience. The documentary includes all the anger and laughs from the behind the scenes filming and it debuts today at the South by Southwest festival.

DAVE ITZKOFF - New York Times

“The last year has taught me that at this point in my career it’s not about trying to get more people into the tent,” he said. “It’s about trying to deepen the connection I have with my fans.”

Though the documentary does not yet have a distributor, Mr. O’Brien has made peace with the fact that it will most likely be shown in theaters or on home video, and reluctantly plans to attend its South by Southwest premiere.

After that Mr. O’Brien said he would give a copy of the movie to the therapist he has been seeing for the past 15 years: “I said, ‘I’m sending this to you because it’s everything we’ve ever talked about.’ ”

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