Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Enforcement and the US Fish & Wildlife Service just concluded an investigation into a recent Craigslist post in which a man claimed to have dumped buckets of Asian carp fry into regional lakes. Details here.

This was posted to Craigslist earlier this week (along with the picture above):

We just got back from a fishing trip in Arkansas. We had a blast watching these crazy fish jump all around the boat as we cruised around. I managed to net several buckets of the fry (babies) and used some for bait. I made it home with six buckets of them and many were still alive so I put two buckets of them in Hylite today and am going to put two in Canyon Ferry tomorrow. If anyone has a use for the other two buckets they are welcome to them!!! Do not contact me with unsolicited services or offers


An early tip came to FWP about the post from the 800-TIP-MONT hotline on the evening of Tuesday, July 7 (numerous concerned citizens also contacted FWP via phone, email, and social media). FWP said they began its investigation within an hour of the post’s appearance online.

FWP wardens and USFWS agents tracked down the man responsible for the post and when faced with the gravity of the situation, he confessed to writing the post and admitted it was just a hoax.

FWP Region 3 Supervisor Sam Sheppard said, “I’m proud of our Enforcement team’s response and quick resolution to this case. It’s a testament to their dedication to protecting Montana’s resources.”

Sheppard went on to say that while the Department is relieved, "this is not a joking matter." Asian carp (and other prohibited species) could pose irrevocable damage to the state’s fisheries. FWP thanks the public for its help in this case and its concern for our resources.