Discover the art of flavor with Olivelle’s gourmet ingredients that make cooking fun, healthy, and flavorful!

Next time you need inspiration:

  • grab a bottle of ruby red grapefruit vinegar to drizzle over fresh fruit, mix with basil extra olive oil for a salad, or marinate chicken and fish.
  • rub a jar of sweet smoked chili to season taco meat, sprinkle over shrimp, or spruce up potato salad.
  • take a jar of lime fresco sea salt to rim a refreshing margarita or season shrimp, chicken or fish.
  •  grab a a jar of parmesan asiago dipper to dip with a fresh baguette, sprinkle on roasted potatoes or season a juicy chicken breast.
  • snag a bottle of caramelized garlic extra virgin olive oil to drizzle over warm pasta, dress fresh salads or marinate a juicy steak.