The holiday season from late November right into January is great. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, it's all gravy...and turkey, and cookies, and chocolate. I love the holiday season but it's a lot of indulgence. It's extra food, alcohol, and (dare I say) giving. It leaves you a bit exhausted. I'm kind of over it all, including the gift giving. Why shimmy Valentine's Day into February?

It's not just the placement of Valentine's Day. I know you've heard it before ladies but I seriously don't like to be told when to be romantic. It just feels so fake on February 14th. This would hold true on any commercial "love day".You really were a martyr Saint Valentine. I'd like to think that I'm so spontaneously romantic throughout the year that my wife doesn't expect much on this day. Will everyone (except my wife) share your feelings? How much emphasis do you and your significant other place on Valentine's Day and why?