All businesses have their bad customers.  In Reno, Nevada, Saul Zelaznog is one of the worst. He has made a habit of dining and dashing all around town. One business decided to go vigilante on Saul and post his photo and his bad habit on their Facebook page with hopes of tracking him down. It worked.

KRNV reports that Saul Zelaznog (Gonzalez backwords?) sat down for dinner with friends at The Brewer's Cabinet, ran up a $100 food and drink bill and then told them he couldn't pay for it because he forgot his wallet. After a slight altercation with the wait staff, they decided to let him go before he became more aggressive. They let Zelaznog walk out, but not before snapping his photo so that they could shame him online. They posted the photo on their Facebook page with an explanation of his crime. The post has received 524 likes, 913 shares, and countless blog posts like this!

Whether it was the power of social media or just Zelaznog's own doing, he has since been arrested for violating his probation.

Is this a modern day tar and feathering? Maybe we should do the same for the reported dine and dash in Bozeman just this weekend! What do you think, Bozeman?