Are you into gigantic clear as life TV's? Or maybe laptops that fit into envelopes? The CES 2011 has anything and everything you could want tech wise and it's all stuff you probably can't afford. Either way if you're like us you will enjoy salivating over these delicious gadgets.

Rolling Sone -

Awash in glittering gadgets, billboard-sized monitors and 3D everything, consumer electronics extravaganza CES provides a perennial weathervane for the high-tech business. Offering telltale signs of where 2011 promises to take us, these are five of the biggest things being buzzed about at this year’s show.

Enter the Tablet PC – With 80-odd units debuting this week alone courtesy of virtually every manufacturer from Asus (Eee Pad Slate) to Lenovo (LePad) and Sharp (Galapagos), the iPad’s about to face some stiff competition. Slimmer, lighter and more intuitive than laptops, these app-hungry beasts all threaten to cram a portable window onto cyberspace and Swiss Army-like range of functions right into your messenger bag.

The Joy of Sets – With new technologies blooming, form factors shrinking and prices plummeting, the television biz is clearly ready for primetime in 2011. Some models go bigger, e.g. Mitsubishi’s new 92-inch 3D Home Cinema unit. Others, including the LG LW9500, add full-array LED backlighting for better colors and contrast, plus super-thin dimensions. But the most progressive promise glasses-free 3D or add WiFi compatibility for streaming music, movies and TV, or access to social networks, online video and games through downloadable apps. Courtesy of Vudu, early adopters can even savor streaming 3D movies next week as well, so those annoyed by anemic film libraries might actually get some return from their holiday splurge.

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