Did you know that candy flavored toxins are being marketed to kids in Gallatin County? What do you think needs to be done to stop this?

According to recent surveys, many kids in the U.S. believe flavored tobacco products are less harmful than any non-flavored tobacco products. Tobacco companies continue to lure kids with cheap flavored tobacco, such as sweet-flavored cigars, e-cigarettes, chew, snuff, menthol cigarettes, dissolvable tobacco, and other products.

The Gallatin Valley Health Department has pointed out that this tactic by tobacco companies is being exercised in our community. For example, shiny, single fruity flavored cigarillos are sold within 1,000 ft of Bozeman High School and can be purchased for less than the price of tic-tacs. What do you think can be done in Gallatin County to help protect our kids? For more information and to leave a comment, visit healthygallatin.org/blog/candy-flavored-tobacco/