Girls watching football is a situation that can be hard to read. Some girls "watch" football to appease those around them and somehow fit in socially. As the season approaches it seems only fitting to address this topic. When Megan and I are watching football I assure you, we're busy. Watching football.

Megan is from Kansas City so whenever the Chiefs are playing we make a point of getting together and drinking beer. I mean, watching football. (I grew up in San Francisco in the 80s with Joe Montana but since then there hasn't been much point, right?) So Kansas City is our team. We'll figure out Sunday morning on the phone what time the game is on and usually meet someplace in time for half time. I didn't say we were hard core.

We're quite the pair when out and about. Downtown Bozeman affords us so many places to watch football in a serious manner that it's easy for us to get lost in the mix and actually watch the damn game. We both drink Bud Light in a bottle and know the actual rules of football and wear enough clothing to walk home in January if we must. Not all girls can say that. And THAT is what girls watching football should be about. -Michelle