It's time for another Moose Backwoods Track and this week's submission comes from Lance. Lance recommended we check out Givers and their extremely engergitic music video for 'Up Up Up.'

Watching the music video of 'Up Up Up' makes me really want to spend a summer afternoon with the Givers. They seem to be having so much fun doing what they love - making and spreading music. This song is full of energy and it's all accredited too each band member giving 110%. For sure this song will be on my snowboarding playlist next season, thanks Lance!

Doing some research, this song was recently featured on Glee with Quinn and Artie covering it. Have you seen that episode? Is it worth me tracking it down? You can check out tour dates at the Givers website, hear their latest music on their myspace page, and follow them on twitter at @GIVERSmusic

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Also check out their newest music video for 'Ceiling of Plankton'