If you're anything like me, you constantly forget to tell people where you will be and what time you will be there. Or even better, you're  like me and you run late to nearly every engagement in your daily planner. With Glympse you can share your destination and your current location with anyone you wish to see it.

The app is simple. I downloaded Glympse, started it up and immediately I saw a map of Bozeman and my location here at the office. I started a new 'Glympse' and set a time limit for how long I wanted it to last. For that amount of time, anyone I share the link to my current Glympse with, he/she can see in real time my location.

Yes, this video for Glympse is probably in the top 10 of most creepy videos on YouTube.

Why would someone want to use this app?

Meeting Coordination
The app lets me set up Glympses for calendar events in my phone so that if you happen to be running late, I can share my location with the others in the meeting. They can start without me if I'm still in my bed, or they can wait the extra minute for me to enter the building.

I'm excited to try this out. I think this would work. I had 3G in Big Sky last weekend. Anyone I'm skiing with or even someone at home would be able to see where I am on the mountain. Even better, anyone still in town will know when I'm heading back.

I'm sick of playing phone tag at music festivals where it's near impossible to hear over the noise? I'll never have to call my friends if I use this app. I'll know exactly what stage they are at, and I can easily meet up with them after I'm done watching my favorite band they didn't want to see.

Road Trips
Do you have family or friends who worry about you when traveling? I'm using this app later this afternoon to let my mom track my progress from Bozeman to Billings. That way she knows when to wake up Dad and start the dinner she lovingly makes. One warning: your speed is tracked as well!

Other Ideas

Pub Crawls


Site Seeing

Large Parks

Low Jacking Someone (I don't recommend this but keep in mind it is possible with today's technology)


Let me know what you would use Glympse for in the comments below.