The Grand Teton Relay™ is a 12 person running relay covering 180 miles of beautiful and challenging terrain that includes Island Park, Grand Targhee, and Jackson Hole. Running in the shadows of the Tetons with your best friends is the ultimate road trip!

Registration is limited to 250 teams and relays across the country are selling out in weeks. Register now to reserve your spot!

A relay run is a team event where each person runs a set distance, between 4 and 7 miles called a 'leg', then hands off the baton to the next member of their team and so on through 36 legs. The GT Relay™ includes 12 runners divided into 2 vans of 6. The first van will start the race and run the first 6 legs then the second van runs the next 6 legs and so on to the finish.

Nothing says friendship like 24 hours in a cramped, stinky, wild party wagon. You will connect with your friends in ways you never could at home. Just think of the stories you will tell!

For more information and to register, visit or call 801-636-4439.