I need your help. My dad and I are going on a road trip again this summer andI need your good road trip ideas. Good destinations from Bozeman. And here are the only stipulations:

Photo Michelle Wolfe/KMMS

The destination has to be pretty. Could be desert, could be water, could be mountains. Doesn't really matter where it is because we just want to get out of here for a week or so.

Michelle's Road Gear

I'll need to work from the road, so we're not camping out. Plus dad is an older dude who would appreciate a nice, comfy hotel room at the end of the day.

We did a trip last year down to Los Angeles and took our sweet time getting there. We stopped anywhere that looked like a good place for him to chill and for me to golf. (Everyplace from Franklin, Utah to Indian Wells, California.)

Good food is a must. Seattle seems like the easiest option for that, but I'm not married to the idea. We even thought of heading north into Canada.

Photo Michelle Wolfe/KMMS

So, your job is simple. Give me a good destination and include anywhere along the way that we should stop.

Thanks in advance for your help. Our road trips are always fun because we never have an agenda or anything we HAVE to do. We just like to go look for cool stuff, some golf for me and good food for dad.

So whatcha got?