I finally checked out Sloppy Dawgs, which just opened in downtown Bozeman (next door to the Chocolate Moose). I went over there for lunch yesterday with a co-worker and friend, J.D. Dennis. I had no idea their dawgs were that sloppy and were that big! Consuming one of these bad boys is no small feat and Mr. Dennis got it done.

I did not order one of their hot dogs but after looking at the one J.D. ordered, I've got my doubts as to whether I could consume this new local abundant serving. Hold your own Man vs. Food segment right here in Bozeman and see for yourself. J.D. is one of those kids with a gift for gluttony and he really had to man up in the fourth quarter to get it done (he held it down too, although it was touch and go there for a minute on the walk back to work).

Sloppy Dawgs is located at 140 E Main Street. It's the sloppiest goodness you've ever had. There's other things on the menu like sloppy joes and even salads but see if you can eat that dog. Good luck! J.D., you've proven your manhood in my book.

Man 1 Food 0

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