Holiday parties scare me a little. Ask anyone. It's the time of year where many folks go a little overboard with the "cheer" and make an ass of themselves. You can witness that any day of the week and you certainly don't need to deal with it when you're dressed in a $300 dress and high heels, you know?

With that said, I'm reevaluating my general choice to avoid holiday parties. So far this season they've all been "well behaved" as my mother would say. Halloween parties are done and now on to the REAL holiday gatherings.

Seeing your family and friends dressed well, enjoying themselves and having truly good conversation over a cocktail and a good meal is pretty fantastic. I'm a picture taker too, so it's fun to send them out the next day. (No, I don't feel the need to post everything immediately on Facebook. That "cute" picture is probably not nearly as cute as you think it is. Wait until tomorrow to send them out.)

I hope I'm lucky enough to run into you before the holidays. There are plenty more events in downtown Bozeman coming up and I'd love to exchange some genuine good cheer. Just don't get any on my dress. -Michelle

Michelle, Arron and Brett at Plonk