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What would you do if you found $40,000 in a backpack? Would you keep it, turn it in, keep some of it or do nothing? A homeless Boston man turned in every dollar of over $40,000 he found at a mall and now he is being thanked in a huge way.

This past Saturday, Glen James found a backpack full of cash and travelers checks totaling over $40,000 outside of a department store. In a surprisingly selfless move, the homeless James then immediately turned the bag over to police without touching a cent of it.

The story of James' selflessness became national news with many wondering if they would do the same. Lucky for James, he is now being paid back for his selfless act.

Ethan Wittington, who does not know James at all, started a donation website to help raise a bit of money to thank James for his good deed. Little did Wittington know, the donation page has raised over $70,000 from total strangers who praised James' selfless act.

In an online conversation, James said to Wittington, “I just want to thank you so much for being so kind."

“You don’t need to tell me. You're the one that deserves all the credit right here. You’re the one that's done everything. You've revived my faith in humanity and in the United States, man," said Wittington to James.

Wittington and James are planning to meet in person next week.

Does James' selflessness inspire you to make changes in your life?