Don't judge me. I love my father more than anything but the guy is a borderline hoarder.

Keeping the old man's house clean is a herculean task.

Keeping my dad's house in functioning order, let alone CLEAN is a daily task that I do not enjoy. Who the hell likes cleaning their own house then driving across town to clean yet another than is not your own.

My father and I are also very different people. He likes to "see" his stuff. He's not really a hoarder...he just isn't fantastic at putting things away where they belong. Why bother? I'm just going to use it again sometime soon.

He also (thankfully) is a fantastic cook so the kitchen is often a disaster. HOWEVER, at least I know he's eating well even if it takes me 45 minutes to clean it all up everyday.

My best advice to anyone dealing with a similar situation is to be the one who puts the groceries away. Somehow end up with 4 jars of Mayo? No problem. That's what God made the lowest bottom shelf for...