In our age of modern technology, it has become apparent that we will not know the robots are taking over until it is too late. Since no one seems to be too worried about the coming revolution we may as well enjoy it for the positive side of technotronic world domination, all the incredible robot sounds of electronic music. September 24th at Kountz  arena, Bozeman will witness the birth of its first electronic music festival, 'Hush Hush'. Plugging into the mighty mainframe of mellifluous melody will be your chance to see the incredible autoerotic performances of local DJs Jason Root and K-HOL, each established myrmidons of modern Bozemanian android mating season bugling. Following your favorite ferocious locals, the incredible otherworldy (and simultaneously worldly) sounds of Eoto and Beats Antique will bring forth the crackling diodes of sonic domination. With such a mix of incredible local electronic talent and worldly breakbeat power, getting caught with your analogue exposed might be a bad idea.  If the revolution sounds like this, we might not even mind.

Event Details

Hush Hush: Saturday the 24th of September, at Kountz Arena, $20, purchase at, Tarantino’s Pizzeria, or Cactus Records.