I'm not a huge basketball fan but I am a fan of sports and competition, which is why I love "Mad Marchness" (the real phrase is copyrighted). I have a lot more invested in this year's finale between Kentucky and Kansas. If Kentucky wins, I win a new iPad and our office gets a free night out on the CEO of Townsquare Media. I need the Wildcats tonight!

The Moose is one of five radio stations here in Bozeman owned and operated by Townsquare Media. Townsquare is a national company with 43 markets and 202 radio stations. Every year our CEO, Steven Price, holds a free company-wide NCAA Bracket Tournament challenge. The overall winner (based on Yahoo's point system) takes home a free iPad, and the winner's market gets a free night out.

Well my friends, Rich Ledoux's bracket correctly picked 7 out of the 8 Elite teams, and all Final 4. If Kentucky prevails tonight, I win! I think there should be a parade in Bozeman, but I'll let you know when and where Townsquare of Bozeman will be partying (we can still make it a big event). Are any of you going out to watch the game tonight? JR's in Belgrade will once again make it worth your while with $4 Domestic Pitchers and $10 Five Bottle Buckets of Bud and Bud Light (just throwin that out there). Let's go Kentucky! (the power of the uni-brow will once again be too much for any team...sorry Kansas)