Pete Hanson, General Manager here at Townsquare Media, is a very inspirational man. I'm not blowing cyber smoke here because he's my boss. He seriously is one of the most inspirational people I've ever met (my high school football coach was unbelievably inspirational too but he used fear, not the same thing). I really believe Pete Hanson could be the next Tony Robbins and  make millions.

The reason why Pete is so inspirational is because you never for a second doubt what comes out of his mouth. He has an extremely genuine, positive attitude towards life. On top of that, he always strives for more and believes anything can be accomplished. When you're around that combination it is very contagious. We have a saying around the office, "what would Pete do?" I think we also want to exceed Pete's expectations (which is hard) and the company's because of his approach. He never pulls rank, you almost forget he's the boss. He's just a nice guy with a great attitude who has a lot of inspirational wisdom to share.

Pete is a cancer survivor who went through quite a lot from what I understand (I did not know him during his battle). I also understand he had that same positive attitude during the whole ordeal. So no gimmicks with Pete, just click on his posts and better yourself my friends.