Westboro Baptist Church has gained nationwide notoriety through their controversial protests of same-sex-marriage and picketing at funerals of veterans. The group plans on protesting in Bozeman later this month. 

Westboro Baptist Church posted on their website that they will be protesting in Bozeman on September 9th at the high school and on campus. The group routinely threatens protests such as this and never shows up, but if they do show up, Bozeman will be ready - to ignore them.

Montana State University students have planned a peaceful gathering in support for Bozeman's LGBTQ+ community away from the planned WBC picketing on the MSU campus.

Below is the tentative schedule. Check the Facebook page for any changes.

Sunday, Sept 8, 4 PM: (Labor Temple) Marshall training: How to keep the peace, deescalate conflict, and participate effectively in protests.

Sunday, Sept 8, 5 PM: (Labor Temple) Community Sign Making Event. Come join us to make signs for this event. Supplies have been donated, but feel free to bring your own unique touches.

Monday, Sept 9, 2 PM: (Centennial Lawn, MSU camps) A united rally for inclusion. Speakers, music, and more. Please bring your positive sign of support for Montana's LGBTQ+ community. There will be a place for emotional support available at this event.

Monday, Sept 9, 3 PM: (MSU - Cooper Park 'tentative location'): Allied march of support will take us off campus and through the neighboring area and finish at Cooper Park (tentative).

Monday, Sept 9, 3:45: (Cooper Park - tentative) Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for equality ICE CREAM SOCIAL. Let's gather together to end this day on a sweet note with ice cream and a look toward the future for the important work of LGBTQ+ inclusiveness in Bozeman and beyond.

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