Let me start by admitting, this isn't going to be some original wise proverb. I'm not gonna claim my random thought today (or any other day for that matter) to be extraordinarily thought provoking. Just something simple that you've probably pondered before. Well let us ponder again today my friends, it's good pondering weather.

If your 8 year old former self could sit down with you right now, would he/she like you? Would he/she find you interesting? Smart? Funny? Would he/she genuinely think you were a happy person? Would 8 year old you want to aspire to become you? (Ohhhhhh, that one cuts right into your soul).

Try to think in terms of your adolescent mind for a minute. You remember when the sky was the limit, don't you? When you had an eternity to conquer the world. Let's go back to day one of The Buckskin Man Tales. Get back on that conquering horse good people! Don't waste another day, put the wheels (or hooves) in motion....TODAY!

What? This isn't deep track Wednesday?