I recently read a very interesting analogy that I'd like to share. This just made a lot of sense to me. The moral of the story is to trust your intuition, and my intuition tells me that you'll find this interesting too because you will also relate. Has something like this every happened to you?

The story went something like this. Imagine that you had to sleep in a big, old, strange house for a night. Before arriving, someone tells you that the house is haunted. When you get there, however, the house looks and feels very warm and welcoming. You instantly get an entirely different vibe. But that night, when it's dark, you start to hear strange sounds. You even think you see a shadow or some sort of strange figure in the hallway. Your mind is playing tricks on you because of what you were told.

I think there is a very important lesson here. In your everyday life you may be afraid of a person or opportunity for the same reason. Your imagination may be working overtime because someone fed you the wrong idea. Always trust your intuition. I've learned that always trumps anyone else's opinion.