Does Bozeman even HAVE an investing club? If not, WHY not? I can't possibly be the only closet financial geek around here. Wanna start one?

Photo by Michelle Wolfe/KMMS

Like most people, I don't have much spare cash laying around these days to invest. But that doesn't ever sway my INTEREST in investing and making what little money I have grow.  My dad got me into it years ago when a company I worked for in town offered a SEP (Simplified Employee Pension) plan. Good move. I was making half of what I make now and in the amount of time I worked there, I saved up enough to put a healthy down payment on a house.

Then came a piece of profit sharing. I had all these options to invest the money and it was the first time I felt absolutely in control of my financial destiny. It was also the start of my feeling of RESPONSIBILITY to take care of my own financial ass, since I always pick the nice guy....not the rich guy...and WHO KNOWS what will be left for Social Security by the time I get there. To be honest, I don't even take it into consideration for my financial future.

Anyway, a few minutes on CNBC could absolutely freak a person out. Don't let it, financially speaking. Investing is something that doesn't have to be scary. It is, however, something you should do. No matter how little you have to stash away. It's about diligence. It's about consistency. It's about strategy and goals. It's about patience and ignoring 90% of the headlines.

It's also about finding other geeks. So, what do you think? A monthly meeting of ladies who want to seize control of their financial futures over a few cold beers? Who's in? -Michelle