Based on recent data collected from all 50 states, Buzzfeed deemed Montana the 46th sexiest state. Or in other words, the 5th least sexy state. That puts us only ahead of Iowa, Maine, Kentucky and West Virginia! I, however, do not agree with this ranking.

The data collected for each state:

Superficial Sexiness

  • Obesity rate
  • Average household income
  • Education level
  • Unemployment rate
  • Media-defined superlatives
Practical Sexiness
  • Penis size
  • STD rate
  • Birth Rate

The dot graph used to illustrate the data indicates that Montana ranked higher on "superficial sexiness" than Florida, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Idaho, South Dakota, Ohio and many others. But on the "practical sexiness" side, we ranked below everyone except Vermont, Maine and West Virginia.

To me, all this says that we are sexy by superficial standards, have average penis size and that we practice safe sex due to our low number of STDs, and low birth rate.  By all means though, let the rest of America think we are a bunch of unsexy people. I hope it takes them a very long time to realize we are the last best place!