I love Jimmy Fallon and (because I must be getting old) so does my DVR—without it, I don't think I would catch much of the show, because of how late it comes on. But I think Jimmy is hilarious. I never liked the late night format (they all seem the same) before Light Night With Jimmy Fallon came along. It totally plays to my sense of humor—I love the randomness! I also love (I know, a lot of love for the show, you gotta check it out) the music.

First of all, I have no idea how he got The Roots as his house band. And the music acts he books are spot on. I've been introduced to a lot of good new music from the show, and I'm sure I'll be supplying much of it here.

As an example, here is a performance from new band Everest. I love the song, and I think you'll be interested in who discovered the band too....have a listen. Maybe a song we need to play on the Moose? Supply your feedback.