I had to put J.D.'s eating skills to the test once again after hearing that Main Street Over Easy in downtown Bozeman has something called The Grizzly Killer on the menu. It was J.D. 1 Food 0 after he took down one of 'Sloppy Dawgs' ginormous dogs. Let's find out the updated score after J.D. took on the Grizzly Killer.


So the Grizzly Killer is delivered on two full plates. One has a huge chicken fried steak smothered in hollandaise sauce, the other is scrambled eggs and hash with toast. J.D. got the job done once again, eating every last scrap of food on both plates, but he definitely had a harder time with this one. The last two bites were comical to watch (he had to dig deep while taking some deep breaths).


It is currently Man 2

Local Food 0

Does anyone have any suggestions for other unusually large portions of food in the Gallatin Valley? Let's find something to defeat J.D. (leave a comment below)

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