Myself and some of the guys from work took J.D. over to Buffalo Wild Wings recently. They have a little something on the menu called The Blazin' Hot Wings Challenge. I mean challenge is built right into the title, did we have a choice? J.D. wanted to first sample the sauce to determine how hot it was before making the decision to face this one. I think our peer pressure really made up his mind, you gotta love J.D. Here he is before the challenge, wait until you see him during it!

So this isn't as much an eating challenge as it is a mental challenge of enduring cautionary hot sauce. That made things very entertaining! J.D. and I both had tears during this one (his from the furnace that his head became and mine from laughing so hard). He lost his first challenge due to that blazin' sauce.

The challenge is quite official if you've never attempted or witnessed it. Staff members provide everything you need (celery, beverage and stop watch). You're on the clock for this one, 12 extremely hot wings must be consumed in 6 minutes. Once you touch your beverage of choice (J.D. asked for milk) you forfeit the challenge. J.D. wanted to quit after 6 wings, even though he had 4 minutes left on the clock. We, of course, got him to eat 2 more with some more pressure (you really gotta love the kid).

He was visibly shaken up as his mind went to another place. Torture comes to mind, legit torture. His face and eyes had fire in them and tears (as I mentioned earlier) were streaming. J.D. attempted to quit the challenge after 6 wings by uttering random single words. I think I made out "milk", "hot", and "tap-out". Another amusing quote from him after the challenge was, "I saw you guys taking pictures and saying stuff to me but I couldn't hear you, my mind just shut down". He was in a world of hurt and I'm sorry but it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

So J.D. only got down 8 of the 12 Blazin Hot Wings and the new score is:

Man 2

Food 1