I haven't added a personal touch to the website in far too long....Dear Diary, Sorry you haven't heard from me lately but I'm boring.....but here we go. I'm preparing to go into hybernation. With that said, in the near future it is more than likely that I will become less active. I will instead opt to watch male aggression in it's modern purest form. Enter winter, and thus more MMA and football into my life.

Winter is clearly not here yet but as everyone in Southwest Montana knows, we need to start mentally preparing that it could be coming sooner than later (I forgot what fall is). I've been skiing more with each of the last few winters but I would still have to call me a homebody during that time of the year. Instead of being a somebody, I watch more sports (particularly MMA and football...come spring, I'm ready to assault someone). Let the penning begin! 

Last Saturday night I went to the Gallatin County Fairgrounds to check out the finest amateur MMA that this area offers. Our local school here in Bozeman (Montana MMA) did very well going 7-1! A shout out to all the fighters and Montana MMA's owner and head trainer Brian Deets. I know I will soon be buying more UFC events on pay-per-view (inevitable).

I purchased the NFL Sunday ticket and thouroughly enjoyed watching week one's action. Sunday's games were sandwiched in to a Thursday night game and two Monday night games to start the season. A heavy, much needed dose of football. Ron "Jaws" Jaworski (who commentated the Pats-Dolphins game last night) was equally as excited, dropping an S-bomb on the air. Classic!

Football just so happens to come at the perfect time. If it was a spring/summer sport I wouldn't pay nearly as much attention to it. Which is why my MMA watching increases during the fall and winter (that's a year-long sport). This fact leaves me with some pent-up aggression in the spring. It's a good thing I take it out on the local terrain, but maybe some guys don't know how to manage this? There's a new study in this somewhere.

Until next time diary,

Yours Truly