We love Matt Nathanson here at The Moose! His song 'Modern Love' is our highest spun track from October and for a limited time you can get a free download of his song 'Faster' on Google Play.

What is Google Play? Google Play is the online store developed by Google that has anything from books, movies, magazines, and music. I recently started using Google Play because it allows me to put up to 20,000 songs on my online account for free and then I can listen to them anywhere I have an internet connection  and even download them onto multiple devices including my phone and computer. Oh, and they constantly offer free songs from the best current artists! It's a win win for everyone involved!

With the ever growing online music libraries, it's difficult to pick just one. I personally use Google Play Music, Amazon, iTunes and various other smaller websites. The result, I find out about great new music and keep my tunes fresh! So when you're not tuned into 95.1 The Moose, I encourage you to try a new music manager. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Check out the full list of free downloads on Google Play Music