Merry Christmas to all, I hope you feel as blessed as I do today! I woke up and got everything I wanted, I still had my enriched life. I couldn't ask for anything more, an amazing wife, family, home, job, community. I don't know what I had to go through in a prior life but I've been truly blessed with so many gifts in this one.

I am in the best possible mood I could be right now, Christmas is like a drug for me. I've got goosebumps as I write these words and listen to the new Eat Pray Love soundtrack I gave to my wife. It was one of those gifts that was kind of for me too. She took me, no dragged me, to see this movie a few months ago. I thought it was going to be a typical "chick flick" (a woman's search for spirituality and purpose after a divorce, I mean come on) but it was so much more. That movie was perfectly done (shot perfectly with top notch acting). It made you feel and ask yourself important life questions afterward. And it has the perfect soundtrack. It took the literal and turned it into poetry. It went beyond what words alone could ever be (man I love music). Check out this soundtrack, it will help a little in finding your inner balance. Enjoy wordly music and a couple beautiful tracks from Eddie Vedder, as well as from Neil Young.

Merry Christmas to you and yours today. May you eat, pray and love.