Sure it's immature sexist banter but guys can't help it. Men's Health just released a '100 Hottest Women of All Time' list. ALL TIME here guys, what do you think? Jennifer Aniston? The list wasn't that sexist, they claimed to use several criteria (not just looks). Men's Health determined Aniston to be the hottest woman of all time based on her looks, her sense of humor, and because she appears to be real. I gotta say, they make a good argument.

Most grown, that is mature, men will tell you that sexiness goes beyond the physical. Sex appeal is the whole package. I can honestly say a physically attractive woman looks ugly once you find out she's not a good person. That inner beauty reveals itself pretty quickly and takes over. I liked that Men's Health chose Jennifer Aniston as the hottest woman of all time based on her sense of humor, her down-to-earth persona, and her realness (how she doesn't seem to be as affected by showbusiness as her colleagues).

Well done, Men's Health! Sure, looks were probably the biggest criteria used in this poll but at least they recognized that men are starting to evolve. It's a slow process...hey testosterone is a powerful thing ladies. Seriously, it does goes way beyond beauty and I know I'm not the only guy who feels that way. See Men's Health complete list of 100 Hottest Women of All Time.