Hey Rich from the Moose here with my first Mid-Day music review (I obviously couldn't think of a cool title)featuring the Kings of Leon "Come Around Sundown" ....and this probably won't even be a regular thing...... I'm on the Moose Mid-days (10a-2p) and I was at my computer whilst vibing to the new Kings of Leon CD and felt the need to attempt to document the feeling. Kings of Leon is one of those bands I wish didn't rise to the level they did but I'm a huge fan regardless, so I'm happy for them. Don't get me wrong I've never been one of those exclusive music club cool guys but its hard to ignore pop culture when it gets its hands on something. Pop culture is pretty obnoxious, let's face it. But anyway, let's get to the music. Ah the music. Regardless if my mom had Kings of Leon pajamas, it wouldn't take away from the music. (see, even as I typed that I couldn't help but think of how cool that would make my mom).

You are reminded of how good the band has become when you listen to this new disc "Come Around Sundown" or their last CD "Only By the Night". I didn't like their earlier stuff (totally different). It was some pretty weird experimental shhh if you ask me (and I like different sounding shhhh). I personally think they were just trying to find themselves musically and they have now done that and are effortlessly expressing themselves (and making bank....hard to do). I wondered if they could duplicate that expression before hearing this new album. "Only By the Night" to me was the winter of 2008. I usually don't leave a CD in my player for too long. My musical moods seem to change every second. I love an album one day and not so much the very next (for the most part). Well let me tell you, and I'm not exaggerating, that winter that was the only CD in my car's CD player. (very, very unusual for me). That was when I thought "damn I hope not everyone and their pajama wearing mothers find out about this band" (by the way, do you put your thoughts in quotation marks?.....wasn't sure). "Only By the Night" quickly became those beautiful white capped mountains we are blessed to have surrounding us, so much so that I refuse to believe those dudes are from Tennessee. No way, that album is Bozeman. It was so perfect that winter...and still is.

So I could not wait to find out if that was a musical miracle or if they were coming with more on their next album. First of all, I love that they didn't rush another one due to the demand. That makes me want to believe in their unwillingness to compromise the music. Well, again on "Come Around Sundown" it was love at first listen (also very unusual for me). Every song on this album with the exception of "Back Down South", because you can't ignore that it's all about the Tennessee feel they get, is the BOZ!!!! I'm seriously once again getting lost in it like I do those mountains. It's gonna be another Kings of Leon winter I guess.

The Moose is currently playing "Radioactive", the Kings first release from the new album and I'm sure more will be coming soon. (just don't let your mom listen). Cheers Bozeman!