As the year approaches its end, New Years' Resolutions are probably creeping up in the mind. Whether it's to eat healthier, exercise more, read more, watch less tv, everyone can use a little motivational help.Montana is ranked healthier than half the country, but I think we can do better. If your New Year's Resolution is to improve your health, keep in mind the number 24 or even maybe the low teens, lets all work to improve our ranking with the ultimate New Year's Resolution statewide.

One of the factors that is used to make the rankings is the environment and community in which we live. Bozeman has got to have top honors in that area throughout the nation, embrace it and enjoy it, we are lucky to be in this beautiful land.

Montana is ranked 25th this year; it was 26th in 2009 and in 2008. Montana was at its healthiest in 1990, when it was ranked 12th in the nation.

For the second consecutive year, Vermont is the healthiest state.

State rankings are determined by evaluating four factors: behaviors; the environment and the community in which people live; public policy and health policy decisions; and practices of the government and clinical care received.

via Billings Gazette