You may already be a MOOSE VIP. You may not be. If you're NOT - I'm going to bribe you into being one. It's no small secret that my desk might be one of the best desks to have in Bozeman. Not because the desk itself is cool but because of the awesome amount of free stuff that's lurking there. And I'm going to give it all away in two boxes. One box to a current MOOSE VIP, one box to a new VIP who signs up in September.

These two prize boxes will have a little bit of everything. Food certificates, concert tickets, CDs, DVDs, stickers, gear, clothing, books, whatever I can stuff in the box. And they won't be small boxes either, I promise. So if you need to become a MOOSE VIP, do that HERE. Seriously, it only takes a second and then you're off and running to win the box of stuff AND start gathering points to win the stuff in the online MOOSE Prize Closet and Raffles.

I can be bribed to do almost anything with cheese. I'm hoping you can be bribed with a box of free stuff. Let's see if I'm right. You've got until the end of September to sign up as a newbie. If you're already a MOOSE VIP, go ahead and login to your account so we know you're still alive and check your contact information. You can't win if we can't get a hold of ya. -Michelle