My 5 month-old just had her first music class last night. My wife and I enrolled her in this great program at Belgrade Music Academy. Pass on the gift of music early and often, they're never too young!

I just wanted to thank Ms. Rachel for all the love and music she is passing on to little ones at the Belgrade Music Academy. My baby is taking part in the Musikgarten program. A new session started last night and it was so special to see the joy on her face as we all danced, sang and laughed (I will do anything to see that smile).

I was a little skeptical at first about a music class for babies, considering my wife and I already dance with her and sing to her all the time. After last night, I am so glad we decided to do this. I could already see the obvious benefits of the program. It's just 30 minutes long (which is perfect for little ones) and it teaches them rhythm and the cadence of music (which will translate into the cadence of speech). It's all about movement, listening and vocal development. It is also teaching them to enjoy music in a group setting.

According to Ms. Rachel, "the goal of all my Musikgarten classes is to engage children in active music-making as a joyful, group experience. I want it to be something that, in the the future, evokes good and happy memories."

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