A co-worker arranged a "White Elephant" gift exchange this year at the office Christmas party. I'm pretty sure I took home the gold (see picture). Have you ever done a "White Elephant"? If so, what was the most awesome gift you gave and/or received?

This holiday season I became acquainted with a little gift exchange called "White Elephant". This is where you grab something from home you sort of want to get rid of, re-gift something, or buy a funny gift for $10 or less. Everyone wraps their "gift" and puts it in a pile to be chosen one at a time by all participants. When it's your turn, you can either chose from the pile or steal someone's already opened gift.

Photo by KMMS

I ended up with this gem. Some might see a creepy glass clown, I see a new 2013 desk companion who will supply nothing but good mojo! Michelle Wolfe definitely saw the former, this was originally the "White Elephant" gift she ended up with but it totally freaked her out. She wanted no part of it and gave it to me. I'm tempted to leave it in the Moose studio one of these days but I'm pretty sure I'll never see it again if I do...can't risk it.

I now love the "White Elephant" and will try to keep this tradition alive every year. What "White Elephant" gems have you ended up with?