With a new year upon us, take a minute to check your online information visibility at Spokeo.com. I've removed myself before and what do ya know...had to do it again. Everyday there's ANOTHER website with our personal information posted for all to see that YOU didn't put there.

I hate this website. Sure, it just gathers information from available social sites and puts in one place but I still hate it.

Spokeo.com. Go ahead and look yourself up. Heaven forbid you're the owner of multiple pieces of property because you'll show up with each piece. Each "profile" may give slightly more or less information than the other but chances are you'll show up.

I know a lot of this information is gathered from public records, aside from the foolish who "share" too much on Facebook. But it still ticks me off. Why? For one, I spent extra money every month for YEARS to have an unlisted phone number and still I got telemarketer phone calls.  I always update my cell number on the National Do Not Call lists, and still I get occasional solicitation texts that somehow cost ME money to receive?

To REMOVE your listing(s) from Spokeo.com, go to the bottom of the page and click on Privacy. You'll be able to remove your visible profiles after receiving a verification email.

We should be able to share what we WANT to share, WHEN we want to share it and WITH WHOM we chose to share it with. As much as I believe that, remember that little tiny pieces of shared information shared in various places can be linked together in one big Jane Doe Information Salad. -Michelle