I'll plead ignorance and ask for your help! I've inherited a wood burning stove with this house and it's been a LONG TIME since I had to maintain one. Can you give me some advice????

Michelle's got a wood stove and doesn't really know how to take care of it. Can you help?

First, I have no idea when the last time the stove was cleaned. There is nothing in the belly but who should I call to come sweep the pipes? How often does that need to be done?

My neighbor cut down some trees the other day and gave me the logs but I know we'll need more. WHAT KIND of wood should I get and where is the best place to get it?

When I use the stove in the winter, should I be worried about having a roaring fire and then having to leave the house suddenly for some reason? Is it OK to start a fire in there first thing in the morning and then leave the house for work?

Please forgive me for the stupid questions but I want to be safe with this thing. We're excited to have it in the new place but it's been YEARS since I've used one and I didn't have to worry about any maintenance issues back then.